Side Effects of Technology

A patient walks into a room and has symptoms consistent with boringness, sadness, and depression. The brilliant diagnostician discovers the patient’s illness and prescribes the medicine to help treat it, technology. Just like medicine, technology is treating our curiosity and boringness. However, like any other drug we can become addicted and it may also cause side effects.

This week’s topic in my FYS: Who Controls the Digital World surrounded around how technology is affecting our mind and body. Besides reading the prescribed articles for the week, I also found two extremely interesting articles talking about the negative side effects of technology The Four Negative Sides of Technology¬†and The Surprising Effects from Using Technology¬†.

The first article written by Pamela DeLoatch addresses that although technology is helpful in several ways, but it is affecting children severely. She states that it is changing the way children think, making them less emphatic, putting children safety and privacy in danger online, and increasing percentage in child obesity. Her goal with this article is to simply make sure parents are aware of these consequences and that there are several ways to prevent this effects from happening by moderation.

The latter article published by Harvard Health Letter is more concerned about the physical side effects of using technology rather than the psychological ones. They explain how the use of technology without moderation can cause pain in the hand, neck, back, wrist and other body parts. Even though we have mastered the art of texting, emailing, and typing it has caused poor posture and pain associated with every generation.

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