Information is Power

We are in the era of Information, we literally have the access of almost all collective human knowledge by the touch of buttons and a screen. The common saying, “Information is power,” is a testament for our addiction with technology, because we aware that with technology we can access a lot of information. Nevertheless, we assume the technology is a extremely successful business because people are beginning to the depend it, however, there is another even more lucrative business in technology a lot of people are not aware about, us. Yes, we are business for a lot of social media companies like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. We are not necessarily the lucrative part, but the information we give about ourselves and people like us is.

Huge technological business are using our information to learn about us and manipulate us, and they are also selling our information to other companies. For example, Snapchat the most used source of communication by most teenagers in America, technically owns all of the photos you send to friends, even after they disappear. Several of these business go through several loop holes in their Terms of Service trying to get the most information about you as they legally can. Everybody is beginning to hear about news about Facebook and how they might have influenced American voters in the past election, and now Facebook is getting a negative reputation for spying over us unknowingly.

The truth of the matter is that all these big companies are spying over us, but at first people didn’t mind because they were not even aware nor even was under any suspicion that companies were doing this. Now most people are worried because they fear they are being constantly monitored and that these companies are basically taking their freedom away from them. However, the most concerning fact about our information is that they are selling most of our information to advertising agencies. They use our information about our interests to make sure that the products they advertise online for you are some that they know you are interested in based on your past searches and even conversations!

Our technological identity is something that needs protection, not monitoring and companies monetizing it. We need to be aware of what companies already know about us, and we should have the right to withhold information if we do not want them knowing. It’s been long enough since the government has let this slide, its time for action.

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