Becoming Technology

Over the past decade technology has slowly creeped into almost every aspect of our lives. As a society, we have accepted technology and are now beginning to embrace it due to its practicality and effectiveness. Moreover, we are now reaching the stage of wearing technology, such as products like the Google glasses and Apple Watch, but what is this taking us? Implantable technology, according to several experts is the next “big thing”, presently in society, accessories such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, and insulin pumps are vital for the survival of millions of people around the world which are considered implantable technologies. Society has taken these accessories for granted, meanwhile they are saving lives and improving people’s lives one person at a time. Implantable technology is the future and it actually is significantly closer than we may think.

There are several ways in which implantable technology is being used that could potentially help humans specifically.The EMB’s (Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society) main area of research at the moment is in implantable technology. They have published an article¬†which explains how they believe implantable technology is the future of medicine and many products already in the market today. Implantable technology is already being used in dogs and rhino’s horns in case they are stolen or lost, and it has proven to be an extremely effective type of monitoring. This could also be a potential solution for newborns or children who eventually get lost in countries with a lot of poverty. However, having chips monitoring children and potentially adults may be a violation of their privacy, but the benefit outweighs the risk in this case; besides, this is a problem already happening with technology today so hopefully we will have reached some solutions by the point we begin to implement this kind of technology.

A very interesting forum which discussed several ways technology could potentially evolve into in the future had several things to say regarding implantable technology. Aside from stating what has been previously mentioned, they believe smart tattoos and other unique chips that could be implanted onto the top layer of our skin could help with identification and accessibility. Implanted devices are likely to even help us communicate by connecting our thoughts to the internet, and could potentially identify unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brainwaves and other signals.

Implanted technologies are predominantly focused on improving our health, some suggests that by using these kind of technologies we could further prolong human life expectancy. Bio-hacking is something that is extremely relevant when discussing implanted technologies, it is a way of making us healthier by using the help of outside sources. This is a field that requires much more investment in because of the health implications it may cause in several generations.

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